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Khan is taken from the movie Star Trek: Into Darkness. No copyright infringement is intended by his use. His image and likeness is copyright Paramount Pictures and Viacom.

HMD: Available here.

POLYCHROMATIC APP: Available here.

WIKI ENTRY: Available here.

OOC Notes: I try to combine both original series canon with movie canon, at least as far as back story is concerned. I also take from the extra-canon source "The Eugenics Wars Volumes 1 & 2" by Greg Cox. Khan is such an iconic character, and I will try to do him justice. Concrit is accepted! Anonymous crit is not.
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tumblr user Enterprisi:  yeah you know I can never accept Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan until they put him in the golden fishnet costume

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Let's start this off bluntly: J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot Productions, Paramount Pictures, and Viacom are complicit in an instance of giving a character of color role to a white man. That sucks and there is no excuse for it. I would like to point out, however, that the character of Khan was a dictator, and there are deeper cultural and political ramifications to his backstory now. Read on.

On White-Washing and problematic Hollywood casting. )
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Khan has the following abilities:

Preternatural Intelligence -  Khan's IQ is in the 200+ range, deliberately manufactured to be so. He will make causal connections quicker, learn things faster, and he has observational skills above and beyond the norm.
Enhanced Eyesight and Hearing - Khan can see in the ultraviolet, and is tetrachromatic. His hearing range begins at 7 Hz and hits its peak at 29 Hz. (For comparison's sake, the average human's range is 12 to 20 Hz). He is capable of hearing a 15 decibel whisper from fifty meters away, and can withstand 125+ decibel noises without pain.
Enhanced Reflexes - Khan is faster than the average human, and more dextrous as well. His muscle mass is leaner, and his bone structure is denser, giving him more pressure per pound of force. He is also capable of falling great heights without suffering more than superficial damage as a result of this.
Accelerated Healing Time - Khan can be injured, but when he is his immune system goes into overdrive, allowing him to heal much faster than normal. He is immune to most illnesses and viruses.


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